Self-care = self-awareness, which makes you feel good!

Posted: August 31, 2017 By:

The topic of grooming prior to being in a relationship has come up over the years. I find it interesting that people who were into waxing before marriage and kids tend to fall off after they get into that comfortable relationship. My other friends in the business have confirmed the same insight.

I was told by a female client that she waxed until she got the man hooked and then once she hooked him said he wasn’t going anywhere. This comment makes it sound like waxing means your partner won’t cheat on you and this isn’t even remotely what I want to emphasize. I do on the other hand want to emphasize that more than likely the point of waxing was to make you feel good about yourself and promoting self-confidence and sexiness from within which is what your partner was attracted to.

Anyone that’s been in a relationship knows that over the year’s people tend to “let themselves go” which does frustrate and disappoint the other partner. In my mind, beauty services such as hair removal, mani/pedi’s and haircuts/color are equal to going to the gym. Self-care is important for ourselves and our intimate relationships, not just the shallowness that seems to be associated with doing this.

Whatever you did before you got the guy/girl you should still keep doing. Women still need to keep the sparkle and men still need to appreciate that you do this. Men are not exempt from this either, if he was grooming before he should still be at it after he’s gotten the girl. I even have husbands and wives that come in together, I think this is so awesome. Partners that wax together stay together!